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Natural Leaders delivers an unforgettable action learning experience that positively changes people and helps them grow. Your team and leaders leave with new skills, levels of understanding and tools to take back to your organisation - enabling you to continue your leadership journey. Your Natural Leaders programme will include both baseline and end of programme measures, so that you can demonstrate the impact the experience has had on you and/or your team.

Individual leaders

We will produce individual leadership profiles developed based on questionnaires, interviews, modelling sessions and observations of individual and group task completion. This includes visual models of how leaders work at their best - these are powerful storytelling devices that help leaders to understand their own style, and help their teams to understand how to support them to work at their best. We will also capture images and videos that help demonstrate your behaviours live, as they happen, allowing you to fully understand how you work with and influence others.

Leadership teams

In addition to the above, we will produce team profiles, co-created strategies developed as visual narratives, images and videos of how your team lead together and reports that include strategic recommendations for how you can continue to develop and apply your learning to achieve your organisational objectives. We will also utilise measures that enable you to explore how your team have developed the 4 functions of great teams: trust, engaging in unfiltered conflict, commitment to action and accountability for growth.