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What we do

Away from existing hierarchies and structures, Natural Leaders is an experience that safely allows you to strip yourself back; only when we are most open, honest and vulnerable can we discover, design and bottle the essence of our ‘at best’ leadership. You will be working alongside our world-class behavioural experts, highly trained working dogs and Herdwick sheep. Utilising the skills of your Natural Leaders team, you will be encouraged to unpack and design new approaches to increase your confidence to lead yourself, lead others, and to find the balance between your personal models of working ‘at your best’ for creativity. Untapping the three pillars of mental, physical and emotional self will be critical in the development of your actionable strategy.

Our team of experts in leadership, organisational psychology and culture have developed a range of modules – each designed to create energy, increase capability and drive success forward.

How it works for you

Once we have met with you to understanding your aspirations and requirements, we will identify the key outcomes that are essential to you. This will truly allow your Natural Leaders team to develop a very focused and personal programme. During our work together, we will facilitate a powerful experience not only by listening to what is being said between your people, but also through modelling and mapping the unsaid and intrinsic behaviours - making them explicit and useful.

Key to the success of Natural Leaders is understanding people’s ‘why’ and paying close attention to culture and how all engagement plays out. The unique nature of working alongside the sheep and dogs means we can accelerate your learning development and future-proof your outcomes. We will help you in the creation of the best behavioural code to support your culture.

“I know that the majority of our 12-strong team had mixed ideas in terms of what lay ahead as the day began; never in their wildest imagination did they envisage how interesting, challenging and thought provoking it would be.” – Hilda Yarker, Communications Consultant, Your Housing Group