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Meet the team

We advocate creativity and openness as we are certain that you are in safe hands at Natural Leaders. Our market leading experts in the fields of psychology, behavioural insights, facilitation, leadership development, values and culture mapping and design and transformation will facilitate your experience.


Stuart Jackson

Stuart is the founder of Natural Leaders and is the CEO of ICE. Stuart developed the programme to enable leaders to explore, understand and transform their leadership styles. As well as being a lead Natural Leaders facilitator, Stuart is also a leadership mentor and executive coach and is dedicated to enabling leaders to discover what drives and motivates them, and how they can harness their natural leadership skills and instincts to make better happen.

Dr Adam Moore

Adam is ICE's Head of Applied Behavioural Insights and has a PhD in applied psychology. Adam has helped develop key modules in order to provide a personalised, immersive action learning experience that is able to both explore and transform individuals' leadership skills and demonstrate outcomes for your organisation. Adam is passionate about supporting individuals to understand and release their leadership potential. 

Hannah Jackson

Hannah, also known as the Red Shepherdess, is a contract shepherdess who has a BSc in animal behaviour and has been an ambassador for the National Sheep Association. Hannah is a sheepdog trainer who helps provide leaders with experiences wherein their leadership skills can be explored and transformed as they learn how to work with the natural instincts of others.

Amanda Madden

Amanda is a founder of the Natural Leaders programme. As a lead facilitator, Amanda uses her vast experience of delivering national level public and private sector behaviour change programmes to ensure that the Natural Leaders experience is personalised to deliver the outcomes your organisation needs. Amanda is a behavioural strategist who enables organisations to unlock their leadership potential and apply it to achieve their strategic ambitions.


A less experienced member of our team, Jarah lacks confidence and needs clear and concise instructions. Jarah is fast to learn and is adept at reading people.


Underneath Fraser's powerful exterior is a nervous persona; he needs open and engaged leadership or his confidence levels will drop, which impacts on his performance and his ability to achieve desired outcomes.


Teal is the easiest of our dogs to work as she wants to please. She doesn't work too quickly, but is always willing and able to push on and get stuff done.


An independent worker, Briar wants strength from her leader. She is determined and will be strong with the sheep for you.